Sant Jordi, the day of lovers

Sant Jordi is one of the most original and rooted celebrations in Catalonia. Framed like a popular party, on April 23 Barcelona becomes a huge open-air b, in which, and following the tradition, the lovers exchange a rose for women, and a book for men.

Over the years, Sant Jordi has established itself as a traditional and emotional Catalan festival, with a peculiar origin, but consisting of a mixture of traditions from different eras. On the one hand, it coincides with the fact that Sant Jordi commemorates the death of this saint on April 23, 303, being since 1094 the patron saint of Catalonia. On the other hand, it is also born from the famous extended legend of St. George and the dragon, from whose blood rose a rose that the knight offered to the princess. In addition, this is joined by the old Catalan medieval custom of visiting the chapel of Sant Jordi in the Palace of the Generalitat, where there used to be a fair of roses or “of the lovers”. It is for this reason that Sant Jordi is also known as the patron saint of lovers in Catalonia.

Sant Jordi (grand luxe hotel Barcelona)

During this popular celebration, Catalonia disguises itself and intermingles with other Catalan events, being able to take advantage of the day to visit the Palace of the Generalitat, which celebrates an open day, enjoy activities in the libraries, concerts of popular music in the streets , sardanas, castells, or exhibitions, which makes the celebration totally unique.During this day, Catalonia turns to its pattern, coinciding also with the World Book Day, filling the streets of people who walk between the different books and roses, looking for their gift not only for the beloved, but now also It is done for loved ones, such as family or friends. Currently, in addition to the red rose, which symbolizes passion, it is usually accompanied by a spike of wheat that symbolizes fertility, and the Catalan flagship, picking up a more vindictive aspect of Catalan culture.

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