The best beaches in the province of Barcelona:5 star hotel barcelona

The spectacular coves of the Costa Brava or the long sands of the Costa Daurada are a bit overshadowed by their neighbors, but in the province of Barcelona there are also a few beaches that are worth much less distance than you expect. And best of all: almost all can be reached nearby. Get off the train and put your foot on the sand in less than what it takes to say “Propera estació …”.


More than a kilometer of flat and wide beach, slightly quieter than the rest of the sandy areas of Vilanova. The best? That has a clear shore and no steps for which to take long walks, that good so scarce in the Mediterranean.

Ribes Roges Beach, Vilanova i la Geltrú © Vilanova i la Geltrú Turisme Flickr

A nudist cove whose difficult access (you have to go down a path between the rocks) does nothing but add charm and make it more desired. Quiet and shallow water, only the train track behind us reminds us that we are not so far from civilization.


The beach of the urban center of one of the most charming towns in Catalonia has been attracting artists, tourists and lovers of bohemianism in general for more than a century. The profile of the church that we have all come to see in the posters of the film festival reminds the swimmer at all times where he is, and at two steps, good restaurants, rice fields, museums, monuments and all the movement you want (Sitges station) )./


Another nudist-friendly beach with numerous fans of its tranquility and clean waters in the middle of the stony Garraf coast. It also has a chiringuito in which to eat with good views.



One of our favorites Totally unmistakable for its white and green huts that used to be used by fishermen to keep their gear and now make us die of envy because they are authentic homes on the beachfront. There is a hotel-chiringuito planted on the sand (breaching any type of law of recent promulgation) and a good restaurant with several terraces on the rocks that is an excellent culinary destination, even in winter. In addition, the train stop leaves us at an exact minute (Garraf station).


Almost five kilometers of beach with hardly any interruption in which there is always a place and even tranquility just 20 minutes south of Barcelona. It has all the services and facilities of a large beach in an urban area and an increasingly interesting gastronomic offer, with openings such as the Barracuda (brother of Barraca de la Barceloneta). Paella and beach, what more could you ask for? (Plajta Castelldefells station)


We have already talked about everything we like and we like a little less of the urban beaches of the city here. And with its drawbacks, its always alive environment, its deluxe chiringuitos, its exclusive hotels, its endless walk and its succession of breakwaters, viva la Barceloneta, always (metro stop Barceloneta and Ciutadella).


Remember that beaches are not just a place for leisure, entertainment and socarrat. They can also be work spaces or, at least, they were once. The toponymy of this beach in Badalona reminds us of its past as a place of disembarkation of hydrocarbons from the sixties. The pier that today identifies it was built for that purpose in the 60s and today it is a place of study of the marine, meteorological and meeting point of divers. Between the structure of the jetty and the nearby Anis del Mono factory sign, it is easy to understand why it also concentrates photographers and amateurs. There are other more lively beach areas in Badalona (the one that surrounds the photogenic and full of Donjella Beach especially), but this is unique (Badalona station or Pep Ventura metro and Pomepu Fabra).

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