The most romantic cruises for couples

If you want to treat your loved one, among the best places to be is in the water by a cruise. However, most cruises are usually crowded with noisy children, rowdy youths and many other groups of people. To enjoy romantic moments with your loved one, you may want to spend time just the two of you. Luckily, there are romantic cruises that are set for just that purpose and which you can be sure to get the best romantic water experience. Below are some of the top 5 most romantic cruises which you can choose from.Wind star from Windstar cruise line.This is among the best and romantic cruises you can ever board. At any one time, it has 148 passengers in it. With its classic French decoration style, you can rest assured that your luxury is well taken care of. The cruise has very romantic cabin in which aphrodisiac foods are served. With your ipod, you can be able to listen to the best romantic music through the cabin speakers. You will also be served with romantic post meals for example fresh strawberries with chocolate Genache and cream with pernod.SeaDream II from SeaDream Yatch club<br>This is an awesome cruise that comes with a little bit of all the good things you may want from a romantic cruise. It has a capacity of only 110 passengers. It has superbly made cabins. Inside the cabins is multi-jet massaging showers and stylish Turkish robes. The cabin’s restaurant has candlelit tables but the couples have a choice to take their meals from their cabins if they choose to. The cruise also provides with a large option of water sports for example water skiing, kayaking, tubing, wave running and so on. The cruise has incredible Balinese DreamBeds that allows the couple to view the ocean free from any obstructions. The beds also offers the best point to watch the stars at night.Crown Princess from &lt;a href=“” &gt;Princess cruises&lt;/a&gt;<br>It comes coupled with incentives for the couples. For those people who want to propose to their partners, crown princess will give you the best environment. You can even receive help from the cruise staff which is presented in the form of a multimedia marriage proposal packages which the couple can view through the cinema screen inside the ship. If the proposal is accepted, the couple receives a special romantic dinner treat which is meant to make this moment memorable.Paul Gaugin from Radisson seven seas Cruises<br>This very romantic sheep comes with water spots at sea level that allows you to enjoy water sports while still in the ship. With a kayak, you can be able to enjoy the water lagoons and the calmness brought by ocean water. The cabins are beautifully made to give you a heavenly experience after a tiring day in water sports.Silver Whisper from Silversea Cruises<br>It is among the most romantic ship in the water. It will carry you through very romantic waters of Italy. This ship has the best facilities including spacious cabins, fruit baskets, fresh flowers, Godiva chocolates and so on. It has three restaurants which serve five star cuisines. However, if you don’t want to leave the comfort of you cabin, you can always order for your meals to be delivered there

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